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People of the North — Deep Tissue

I’m dog sitting this week for an adorable little pup named Ash. There’s a stack of records as tall as him waiting to be digested and reviewed. Unfortunately for most of those records, the pup wins. However, this debut album from … Continue reading

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Nightmares on Wax — In a Space Outta Sound (2006)

2007 was kind of a blur for me. moments of blinding euphoria. times of crippling ennui. sleepless weekends; weekdays of supreme hibernation. nights in clubs air kissing familiars and days spent in a ramshackle fort in my room with red … Continue reading

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Radiohead- The King of Limbs

I am currently sitting on my couch, listening to The King of Limbs for the sixth time through today.  That’s right, sixth.  I have done this in a number of different environments today: Listening in a dark room with my … Continue reading

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James Blake — Self-Titled

Writing about James Blake’s music seems almost an exercise in futility now. He himself is all too aware of the rapidity with which his popularity has risen; his name touching the lips and pen tips of every other music journalist … Continue reading

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